Why the goatee is making a come back and what you need to do about it

Misshapen, brutish, ugly, anti-feminist. Yes the humble mouth frame has had its fair share of haters in times of late, with everyone from Margerate Thatcher to Flash Gordon taking a less than positive view of the humble beard. And who can blame them? After all with shaving adverts bombarding us with ever more over embellished beard designs in an obtuse attempt to sway the average man into buying fancy face gadgetry anyone could be turned off neck hair in the age of the 99%.


In the hunger games we can see Gary Ross depicting crazy facial hair design in obvious mockery of today’s decadent society

But in our rush to over throw consumerist society. Have we thrown the baby out with the bath water? Indeed many people are starting to realize that the goatee doesn’t need to be tossed aside like the common beard and has started to be touted as an cheap, easily grown, easily groomed SUPER BEARD!


No more mister nice guy: Bradd Pitt star of “The Favour” sports this rugged hair piece

 All most anyone you know has a desire to grow one of these. Studys show men find other men with any kind of facial hair more rugged and handsome and more aspirational! And as we unlock the chains of homophobia to let free the fledgling spirit of bromance men are finally allowing themselves to sport the fancy facial hair of their favorite male friends many of whomb are spreading this great look.


Sorry ladies MEN ONLY! 

Last Tuesday on my way to work I took the plunge. Pulled over in a motorway service station and ran to the nearest toilet. Hand trembling I slowly carved out my new fashionable look with my razor.. and I’ve never looked back.

So what do you need to do about it??!?!!? Take your razor and sculpt it boys. You’ll thank me later!


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